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Common Questions

What you need to know to take off like a pro

How long will it take to build our app?

The web/desktop version of your app will be live within 4 business days so you can start customizing the content right away!

The iPhone and Android apps usually take 3-4 weeks to get approved by Apple and Google.

Is the app available in the AppStore?

Your app will be “privately” released to the AppStore, meaning your users will download your app via a short link that takes them directly to your app.

This keeps your data safe from outsiders and helps meet business compliance standards.

How much of my time will this take?

Customizing the content of your app to get it just the way you want will take some initial time.

However, your app comes pre-loaded with great starter content, and you can release your app even while still customizing the content.

What does my monthly subscription cover?

  • A dedicated development team always bringing new ideas to life!

  • Full time customer support from our team.

  • Unlimited video and file uploads.

  • Access to weekly trainings for your team.

  • Access to a community of 80+ field leaders and their hierarchies.